1. Download the TYPO3 WAMP Installer
  2. Make sure you have a .ZIP extraction tool such as Winzip or Winrar available (Windows also offers basic unzip funtionality)
  3. Extract the TYPO3 WAMP package into a temporary directory
  4. Execute the .EXE file which was extracted from the .ZIP file
  5. The installer guides you through the dialogs - you do not need to change anything except you want to choose a different installation directory (standard directory: C:\Program Files\typo3). Just click on next buttons
  6. Finish installation by pressing the finish button
  7. TYPO3 WAMP Installer now starts up. A small black command windows is opened. Please do NOT close this window manually
  8. Open your browser and type in the URL localhost or use the shotcuts in Start > Programs > TYPO3 > Localhost
  9. Now you should see the standard TYPO3 WAMP page displayed
  10. You can now go to the frontend (http://localhost/typo3wamp/) or backend (http://localhost/typo3wamp/typo3/) by using the menu items in the startpage shown
  11. The backend username is "admin", the Password is: "password". Change these settings in the backend if you wan to.
  12. You find your TYPO3 files by opening the directory C:\Program Files\typo3\htdocs\typo3wamp\ with your windows explorer
  13. The phpMyAdmin is located in C:\Program Files\typo3\phpMyAdmin\
  14. The startpage shown when you point your browser to localhost is just a static HTML file in the main htdocs directory C:\Program Files\typo3\htdocs\
  15. You may want to reconfigure the httpd.conf file  (apache configuration) in order to create a specific virtual host name fitting your needs. You find the file in C:\Program Files\typo3\apache\conf\

NOTE: The TYPO3 WAMP Installer is not configured as secure production environment rather than a test or development environment. Please make sure you set the necessary security settings if you intend to use it for production!